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Daniel J.  Austin--Founder/Owner

Welcome to our site! It is an ongoing new endeavor, full of ups and downs. Please excuse any hiccups you find. 

40 years ago you would have found me hanging out in a 'no stop light' football driven town in rural Gobles, Michigan, never a thought in my mind that I'd find wood. I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Psychology/Criminal Justice degree in 1989. During that time, I worked three years in a paid internship at the Grand Rapids Police Department. Afterwards, I worked for another three years in treatment facilities for youth around the Central Michigan area.

In 1991, I decided it was time to see the country and headed west to an unknown destination. I'll never forget that day; driving into Montana and seeing the Rockies for the first time--reaching towards the sky from a couple hundred miles away. I was instantly hooked. I found employment  working in the social services field in a variety of positions for a little over 20 years.

In 2012, I opened a business named Chinook Trading Post. I gathered some projects I had been working on and loaded it in the pickup with some antlers. People showed up with ideas, consignment artwork, rustic wood furniture and one guy even left his boat out front during the day. There were many days I questioned the wisdom of my choices. That was the turning point with the trading post. I decided to stay busy and play around with all kinds of wood--and ideas. That now has transitioned to what you all know as Spirit in the Wood, Rustic Wood Furniture for Any Home.

I spend my free time hiking and hunting. I love the woods--and the wood. I especially enjoy doing work in which I can be proud-- and the business end is a continual roller coaster, always keeping me on my toes. As you may ascertain, I had absolutely no experience with wood prior to this endeavor. Just when I think I have a process mastered I find a new way, at least to me. But I have made mistakes, forcing me to start over. Got to remain patient and persistent. I am grateful to others who have shared little tips that have accelerated my learning curve.

I am married going on 15 years to my wife Brin. We have an 11 year old daughter named Kennadie. Here is a recent picture of us by the Yakima River.

Daniel J. Austin

9931 US Highway 12

Naches, WA

(509) 961-3061


Tom Bacchus-Craftsman/Design/Sales

Born into a small retail lumber family on Vashon Island Tom's grandfather started in 1926 he has been around wood for over half a century. "This is a craftsman's heaven", he says, "so many different trees!" 
Learning carpentry skills from his father he has transitioned from manufactured lumber to the live edge product he creates today.  As a result of the five years he spent as a lapidarist (one who cuts, grinds and polishes stones) he found that the Picture Jasper he worked with, after being cut into slabs, each had a different scene, a different story.  To keep the spirit in the stone he seldom made cabochons (a polished stone for earrings, necklaces or rings) in the cookie cutter mold. He's been working with slightly larger slabs since 2011, making tables and installing island countertops using a favorite, Alligator Juniper, that grows above the mile high elevation in Northern Arizona.
 "Wood is like the stone, not one is alike. My passion is to honor the Spirit in the Wood and thereby extend the life of the tree so others can experience it's story for generations to come."

Tom Bacchus