Serving all of Yakima, Tri Cities & west to Suncadia with live edge heirloom furniture and decor

We have heard that 'all great changes are proceeded by chaos'. That saying reassures me that we may just be on the right track as we have been working nonstop on our remodel. The place is kinda a mess, however, there is a new excitement I feel building towards the future. In that spirit, I have a couple other announcements:

*We have changed our business name to Timberloom. This change is to emphasize the legacy, meaning and heirloom quality of each and every piece.

*We have recognized and kept with our history and culture by using "Spirit in the Wood" as a tag line.

*We have added Timberloom-- Lealou Designs--the Lealou Collection as a DBA formerly owned by our Executive Interior Designer Leah St. Hilaire. This division will add a new dimension of art and interior designing to our arsenal. Much more later on this as it develops.

*We are launching our new Instagram (@timberloomspirit), Facebook (@timberloomspirit) and website (search Timberloom).

Please take the time to like and follow us. We will be posting concurrently on the old and new sites for 30 days.

*We now have a store phone number (509) 653-2653. This number should be active 7/30/18.

*There were many people and businesses involved in this transition. Stay tuned as I will be acknowledging all of you once we reach completion.

In closing, thanks to everyone for your patience on this process. We are committing to begin posting on a consistent basis as much has been a whirlwind over the past 30 days.

We will continue to honor our simple beginings with a Cabin Spirit line

The upscale will be named the Timberloom Spirit. Timber from the roots of our product and Loom like the heirloom the piece is.

Some examples;